Shiga is no longer under emergency measures.

Here are the next steps to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

1 Dealing with the Coronavirus

There will be 3 stages of caution: the special vigilance stage, the vigilance stage and the caution stage.

The stage will be decided based on a number of factors, including:

  1. untraceable transmissions, the number of new cases;
  2. the hospital bed occupancy rate;
  3. the situation in Kyoto and Osaka.
  • Avoid traveling across the prefecture. Also stay away from bars, nightclubs and restaurants in busy areas, where clusters have appeared in the past.
  • Avoid organizing events as much as possible. Relatively small events with fewer than 50 participants may be organized.
  • Use of facilities will not be limited. Businesses are urged to take thorough prevention measures such as limiting the number of clients.
  • Individuals are urged to lead a “Shiga-style 3-way benefit lifestyle” * and stay in their home town.
    *See the PDF.

2 Strengthening Support

  • Provide financial support as fast as possible.
  • Properly support groups such as disabled people, university students and children.
  • Support medical facilities. Supply medial material.
  • Stimulate the economy. Improve employment measures.

3 Build on Current COVID-19 Experience

    Societal changes such as the decrease in movement, people moving back from big cities to the regions, and bringing back domestic manufacturing.
  • Share Shiga’s experience of a better new lifestyle.