Applications to support small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the re-announcement of state of emergency towards required expenses for urgent efforts to secure sales for “B:additional support on top of the national one-time support fund (benefit)” are being accepted until the end of September (scheduled).
(Application for A: support to secure sales (subsidy) has ended.)
※Those who have received A: support to secure sales (subsidy), cannot apply for B: additional support on top of national one-time support fund (benefit)

B:Additional support on top of national one-time support fund (benefit)

Application period

Monday, April 5 – end of September 2021
(*)Variable depending on status of national one-time support fund.

Eligible applicants

Small and medium-sized enterprises in the prefecture that received the (national) one-time support fund

Maximum subsidy

(*)benefit of 200,000yen if more than 300,000yen paid towards rent (monthly amount) can be confirmed for the business (confirmed by national rent support benefit)

Subsidy rate

Application page:
Note: Please keep all receipts and payment confirmation slips as they will be required to confirm purchases made.


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