As of April 10, Shiga has 34 cases of COVID-19 coronavirus.
While some cases resulted from clusters (where many people in one place are infected), the route of transmission cannot be determined for others.
It is possible that cases will continue to multiply rapidly.

Everyone’s actions are crucial to stopping the spread of the virus.
I’d like to ask you once more for your cooperation in doing the following:

  1. Don’t leave your house unless you have to. Stay at home. You can go outside to visit hospitals, shop for food and other goods, go to work and do any other things that are necessary to your daily life. You can also exercise and take walks outside.
  2. Take measures when working or going to work: work from home, start later or earlier than your usual schedule, change your modes of transport (e.g. ride a bicycle) to avoid being with a lot of people.
  3. Don’t create settings where all “Three Cs” overlap in your everyday life, including at work: spaces that are closed and crowded, and where you are in close contact with others. Stay away from such places.
  4. I hear that it is possible that the virus might also be spreading when people visit bars, nightclubs, karaoke places, restaurants and other businesses of the hospitality industry late at night. Please avoid visiting such places.

Prefectural facilities will be closed until May 6th. You will not be able to use them.
Events are either cancelled or postponed.

To protect everyone’s health and lives, I ask again for your cooperation.

MIKAZUKI Taizo, Governor of Shiga
April 10, 2020