This is to notify that the state of emergency will be lifted at the end of the day on September 30.
In regards to the current situation of novel coronavirus infections in Shiga prefecture, the level of caution has eased from stage 4 to stage 3 among the four levels of caution.
・Ensure basic prevention measures even after the state of emergency has been lifted.
・Please receive vaccination inoculations to prevent the spread of virus. Please continue infection prevention measures even after vaccination.
 We ask for your continued participation in preventing the spread of infection.

Ensure basic prevention measures

  • Strictly follow basic prevention measures.  
  • (Wash your hands, wear a mask, avoid the 3Cs, etc.)
  • Follow coughing etiquette, ventilate and humidify rooms, and disinfect doorknobs and other shared surfaces even at home.
  • Take care in the 5 situations that increase the risk of infection when you come in contact with people outside your family (meals, shared living space such as dormitories, break rooms, etc.).
  • Be especially careful to avoid sharing glasses or chopsticks, and wear masks during conversations, even during meals.
  • Take particular care in areas where a number of infected people have been confirmed.
  • When you have a fever or other symptoms, stay at home and rest.
  • Continue following basic prevention measures even after vaccination.
  • Make use of the infection prevention apps like Moshi Sapo Shiga and COCOA.


  • Be careful when going out for non-essential, non-urgent matters.
  • Avoid non-essential non-urgent outings between prefectures.


  • Regardless of dining indoors or outdoors, have meals with people you are usually with such as those you live with!
  • Use safety certified establishments when dining.

Reduced business hours at eating and drinking establishments

  • Restrictions on reduced business hours and suspension on serving alcohol lifted


  • Prefectural facilities will resume sequentially (starting October 1)
  • Parking lots at parks along Lake Biwa will open (starting October 1)
  • “The Perfect Time to Travel In Shiga” campaign→will resume when the level of caution is eased to stage 2
  • Bike Rental subsidy program→will resume when the level of caution is eased to stage 2
  • Go to eat campaign→will resume when the level of caution is eased to stage 2 at safety certified establishments considering the circumstance of infections