From December 20, 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa), in addition to the conventional certificate of the use for overseas travel, you can now apply for a vaccination certificate for Japan, which is mainly intended for use in Japan. For use in Japan, the vaccination certificate and vaccination record can be used as before.

Please refer to the city/town homepage of residence or contact the department in charge of the new coronavirus vaccine for details.(Refer to the related link below.)

What is the vaccination certificate?

The new corona vaccination certificate (hereinafter referred to as the "vaccination certificate") officially proves the fact of vaccination against COVID-19 carried out by each local government based on the Vaccination Law. It will be issued based on the application by those who have been inoculated.

Those who can apply for vaccination certificates

Those who have been vaccinated against the new coronavirus infectious disease based on the Preventive Vaccinations Act (including advance/preferred vaccinations for medical workers, occupational vaccinations, vaccinations at large-scale vaccination venues, etc.).

Contents of the Vaccination Certificate

The contents of the vaccination certificate are as follows. * Described in Japanese and English
  • Items about the person who are vaccinated (Name, birthday etc.)
  • Record regarding vaccination against COVID-19 (type of vaccine, date of vaccination)
  • [Overseas use only] Passport number, nationality/region
In addition, a two-dimensional code is printed to prevent counterfeiting.
For details please refer to the Homepages of the local government you will apply.

Application Desks to apply for the Vaccination Certificate

〈In case of electronic application〉
Please apply through the dedicated app on your smartphone.
* For details on the dedicated app, please check the Digital Agency website "New Corona Vaccination Certificate App".
"New Corona Vaccination Certificate App" (Japanese only)
"How to issue a vaccination certificate" (Japanese only)
〈In case of application by document〉
Please apply at or by mail to the municipal office where your resident card is registered.
*The application method differs depending on the municipality, so please check the website of the municipality to which you are applying.
The application should be made to the municipality that issued the vaccination ticket for the vaccination.
Normally, the local government of the city or town where you have a resident card will issue the vaccination certificate, but please be careful if the city or town where you live is different from the city or town where you sent the vaccination ticket.
If you have been vaccinated using a different municipality's vaccination ticket for each vaccination, for example, if you moved between the first and second vaccinations, you will need to apply to each municipality.

Necessary items to apply for the Vaccination Certificate

〈In case of electronic application〉
  • Smartphone (device that can read My Number Card)
  • New Corona vaccination certificate app (downloaded on your smartphone)
  • My number card and PIN (4 digits)
  • [Overseas use only] Passport valid when travelling overseas *1
〈In case of application by document〉
  • Application form which the local government designates. (Please confirm with Homepages of the local government which you’ll apply for the format)
  • Remaining part of the vaccination ticket used at the time of vaccination (where the “pre-examination only” seal)*2
  • Certificate of vaccination or vaccination record*3
  • [Domestic use only] Identity verification documents
  • [Overseas use only] Passport valid when travelling overseas *1
In addition to the above, there are documents that may be required depending on the municipality to which you apply, so please check the website of the municipality to which you are applying.
*1 The passport number described in the certificate of vaccination and that of the passport which will be used to travel abroad have to be identical. If your passport number changes after getting certificate of vaccination, you have to obtain the certificate of vaccination again. If you are applying passport, please start to apply for the certification of the vaccination after you’ve got passport. Those who have foreign nationality or passport issued by foreign government can also apply for the certificate of vaccination.
*2 If you do not have it, the document by which your ‘My number” can be confirmed. (resident’s card containing “My number” etc.) If you can not show the document containing your “My number”, you may use the document which describes the address when you were vaccinated.
*3 If you lost it, you can use a copy of the pre-interview slip (copy of the person).

Inquiries regarding vaccination certificates

〈Specific procedure, etc.〉
Please confirm with the municipality where you will apply for the vaccination certificate where you are registered as a resident.
〈General Inquiries・institutional matters regarding vaccination certificate〉
Please contact the telephone consultation desk for the new coronavirus vaccine of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.

[Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare New Coronavirus Vaccine Call Center]

Phone number: 0120-761770 (toll free)

●supported languages

Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Portuguese / Spanish / Thai / Vietnamese

● Office hours

Please note office hours differ by available language. Also available weekends and holidays.
Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Portuguese / Spanish: 9:00am to 9:00pm
Thai: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Vietnamese: 10:00am to7: 00pm

〇If you do not understand Japanese, please contact us.

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