Please read this first before reading the list of hospitals.

  • This survey was conducted among the member hospitals in the prefecture in cooperation with (1 company) Shiga Prefecture Hospital Association.
  • For those who do not understand Japanese, please try your best to bring someone who can speak and translate for you in Japanese.
  • Even when the level in using a foreign language is indicated (A, B, C), the doctors and staff who can respond to this may not be on duty, or the person at the reception desk may not understand a foreign language, so it is advisable to inform the hospital in advance when you want to receive medical examination.
  • Please inform your doctor during consultation if you have restrictions in daily life or in your medical treatment due to religious reasons, etc.
  • Please use this list as a “guideline” to determine the availability of support in foreign languages.
  • You can search for medical institutions in the prefecture such as “doctors’ offices, medical offices, clinics” and pharmacies that can cope with foreign languages on the following related sites managed by Shiga Prefecture.
  • This includes the survey results as of January 1, 2018. As of April 1, there may also be alterations due to changes in the medical staff and other reasons. Some parts have been updated as of May 9.