Guidance on membership recruitment

With the cooperation of numerous individuals, we embark on various projects at SIA, aiming for the globalization of Shiga prefecture. Your donations and membership fees are utilized for these projects. If you endorse our projects, please join us by all means.

Along with “SIA”, the information magazine on international exchange and cooperation which is sent to all our members, we will deliver to you, through our mail magazine, advance information on events, related to international exchange mainly in the prefecture. Aside from the benefits that you can avail at SIA’s affiliated shops when you present your ID, you can also participate in SIA sponsored events at a discounted price available for members.

Membership fee

Individual membership
annual fee for 1 share – General members:¥2,000, Students:¥1,000
Group membership
annual fee for 1 share – ¥10,000


Please fill in the application form below and send it by post, FAX or e-mail.

Membership application form(docxファイル) Membership information(PDFファイル)

Request for donations

The projects carried out by SIA such as “Cultivation of Individuals with Excellent International Awareness”, “Development of Regional Multicultural Coexistence”, “Creation of Environments (such as promotion of volunteer activities)”, are all subsidized by your donations. We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Regarding Preferential Treatment on Tax

Your donations and membership fees are subject to tax incentives or preferential treatment on taxes (income tax deductions and tax deductions, etc.).

In order to receive a refund, you need to file a tax return with your receipts. Receipts of donations and membership fees collected from January 1st to December 31st are scheduled to be delivered to you in late January the following year. The “Certificate Related to Tax Deductions” will be enclosed with the receipts, or please download and use the form below.

Certificate Related to Tax Deductions

Certificate Related to Tax Deductions(PDFファイル)