A new service, the support system in case of emergency, also called “Moshi Sapo Shiga” in Japanese, was launched to prevent the spread of COVID-19, to give the prefectural government an understanding of who used facilities or went to events within Shiga, and to give relevant people necessary information in a timely manner.
Note: This service is only available in Japanese.

What is the Support System?

The support system serves as a notification system when there is a possibility that you have been in contact with COVID-19. You can scan the system’s QR code at facilities and events and register your contact information with the Prefecture, who can then contact you in cases where another user or event-goer was discovered to have been infected.
We hope that as many residents as possible will use it so we can prevent the spread of this coronavirus!

How to Use the Support System

Scan the QR Code at Facilities, Restaurants, etc.
You simply have to scan the QR code at facilities, stores and other places with your smartphone.
Doing so records your visit (the name of the place and the date and time of your visit).
To use the system, you must add the Shiga COVID-19 prevention personal support official account (in Japanese only) to your Line friends.
If you haven’t added the account to your friends, you will be asked to do so when you scan your first QR code.

Important Notes About Usage

  • The QR code at each location is different, so don’t forget to scan them each time you go somewhere.
  • Event is you visit the same place more than once, you should scan the code at each visit.
  • You must scan the code while you are at the facility, store or other place. Since the date and time are being recorded, the proper notifications may not get to you if you scan on other days or at other times.
  • Do not post the QR codes online, including on social media, where anyone could see them.


When are notifications sent?

The public health centers will send notifications when they investigate the movements of people who are found to be infected, but are having trouble tracking the course of the infection.

Who will receive notifications?

When a public health center can’t pinpoint who has come in contact with an infected person during its investigation, it will send notifications to those whose visit to a location coincides with that of the infected person.

What will the notifications say?

The message says, in Japanese: “A person who was found infected with COVID-19 visited a location or went to an event where you scanned a QR code."
  • Even if you receive this message, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are infected with the coronavirus.
  • Even if you are not showing symptoms, please contact the contact center mentioned in the message.
  • To help prevent the spread of the infection, you will be asked your name, your contact information, and your current condition.
  • You will be told how to get an exam or get tested, as well as how to prevent infection.

※Note: The Shiga Prefectural Government does not collect the information (name, address, phone number, etc.) of users who scan the QR codes.