The spread of infection continues, and medical support system continues to be in crisis.
To prefectural citizens: Aim for 0 C: close-contact settings, crowded places, closed spaces!
・Minimize the number of times to go shopping and number of people!
・Decrease the number of occasions of going to crowded areas in half!
We ask for your cooperation in order to save the lives of your loved ones.

Priority measures (medical crisis)

・Special alert measures throughout the prefecture
・In particular, priority measures will be enhanced in 13 cities in the prefecture

【Cities where priority measures should be taken】

Otsu, Kusatsu, Moriyama, Ritto, Yasu, Higashiomi, Omihachiman, Koka, Konan, Hikone, Nagahama, Maibara, Takashima

Please avoid outings (August 6 – September 12)

  • Minimize the number of times to go shopping and number of people.
  • Decrease the number of occasions of going to crowded areas in half.
  • Please avoid non-essential, non-urgent travel between prefectures.
  • Choose “not to go” “not to invite” “to postpone” homecoming travel and vacations!
  • Please avoid use of restaurants and bars after end of business hours where business hours have been requested to be shortened.
  • ※Excludes instances for maintaining daily life and health concerns.

Shortened business hours at restaurants and bars (August 8 - September 12)

  • Regions under priority measures (13 cities): business hours are 5am – 8pm (alcoholic beverages suspended)
  • Other regions: business hours are 5am – 9pm (alcoholic beverages may be served until 8pm)
Call Center for the Prefectural Request for Early Closure of Establishments (Japanese only)
TEL 077-528-1341
Hours: weekdays 9am – 5pm

Attempt to work from home・avoid rush hours

Ensure basic prevention measures

  • Continue basic prevention measures after being vaccinated.


  • Prefectural facilities have shortened hours of operation (August 8 – September 12)
  • Parking lots at parks along Lake Biwa closed (August 8 – September 12)
  • “Now’s the time to travel Shiga” campaign → new sales temporarily suspended
  • Bicycle rental subsidy program → new applications temporarily suspended
  • Go to Eat → Issue of new vouchers temporarily suspended, please avoid use of meal vouchers that have already been purchased