A cycle stamp rally will be held as follows to tour the region of Koto (Hikone city, Taga town, Koura town, Toyosato town, Aisho town) by bicycle etc.
You will have a chance to win local Koto specialty goods through draw by collecting stamps.
Please participate by downloading the free Biwaichi cycling navigation app.


Friday, October 1, 2021 – Monday, November 15, 2021

Stamp locations

The following 15 locations.
    【Hikone city】
  • Hikone Castle
  • Yonbancho-Square
  • Sawayama Shiseki Park
    【Taga town】
  • Akebono Park Taga
  • Kanau Tagamon
  • Taga Tourism Information Office
    【Koura town】
  • Sengoku Daimyo Todo-takatora Furusatokan Wanoya
  • Shinmei-no-Taki
  • Michi-no-eki Seseragi-no-sato Koura
    【Toyosato town】
  • Ito Chube Kinenkan
  • Okamura Honke
  • Toyosato Shogakkou Kyukoushagun (Toyosato Elementary former school buildings)
    【Aisho town】
  • Echigawa Fure-ai Honjin
  • Yume-machi Terrace Echi
  • Ruburu Echigawa{Echigawa Station Community House}

How to participate

Download the free Biwaichi cycling navigation app from below.
 iOS  Android OS


  • You will have access to enter the draw from the app by visiting 2 or more stamp locations.
  • Local specialty gift assortment comprised of 1 city and 4 towns will be awarded to approx. 250 people by draw.
  • Please check details of the prize from the app.


  1. The first 60 people will receive Water from Koura as a gift at Hikone station Ekirin-kun with presentation of “JR aki-no-kansai1 device” and “stamp rally page on the app”.
  2. This event is being held as the “Unraveling a beautiful history, Shiga Biwako” tour project.
     Please visit the following site for information about “Unraveling a beautiful history, Shiga Biwako”
Unraveling a beautiful history, Shiga Biwako 


〇Biwako Visitors Bureau (Japanese only)
 6F Collabo Shiga 21, Uchidehama 2-1, Otsu, Shiga

〇Tourism Bureau, Department of Commerce, Industry, Tourism and Labor (Japanese only)