Based on the current situation of COVID-19 infection in Shiga Prefecture, the four-stage caution level has been lowered from Stage 2 to Stage 1.
We ask for your cooperation in preventing the spread of infection as follows.

1 Ensure prevention measures

  • Please ensure that basic prevention measures are taken.
  • (Washing hands, wearing masks in appropriate situations, avoidance of the 3 Cs, etc.)

2 On wearing masks

Situations where masks are needed
  • Places with poor ventilations
  • When you have a cold symptoms, or having contact with a person who has cold symptom
  • When you become a close contact
  • When having a face to face conversation
  • When in a large group, even outdoors
Situations where masks are not necessary
  • Outdoors when there is sufficient distance from other people
  • Indoors, when there is a distance of about 2 meters and no conversation is going on
  • When exercising indoors or outdoors
  • Children under elementary school age
  • When passing each other outdoors

3 Meals

  • Dine at a COVID-safe certificated establishment.

4 Vaccinations

  • If you have not received the third dose, please be positive in considering taking the vaccination.
  • Those over the age of 60, those 18-59 years of age with underlying medical conditions, and those who have been told by their doctors that they are at high risk of serious illness should consider a fourth dose of the vaccine.