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Consultation Desk for Foreigners in the Shiga…
外国人向け情報紙「みみタロウ」132号の「お詫びと訂正」 7月発行の外国人向け情報紙「みみタロウ」…


国際教育教材体験フェア in 滋賀 2019 開催のお知らせ
Fri, 08/09/2019
ピアザ淡海 2階 203・204会議室
「外国にルーツを持つ子どもへの日本語指導者養成講座 Part12」を開催します!
Tue, 08/20/2019
ピアザ淡海2階 204会議室

Multicultural Coexistence

Establishment of consultation desks for foreign residents and provision of information on living, educational support for children with foreign roots and foreign students in Japan and support for Japanese language education. We also provide assistance during disasters.

Consultation Desk for Foreigners


There is a consultation desk for foreign residents set up in the prefecture with consultants who can speak foreign languages, provide information and recommend specialized offices in accordance to the needs of the client about issues concerning labor, medical care, education, etc. Consultations may also be done through telephone, FAX or e-mails. (Confidentiality is strictly observed.) In addition, liaison meetings for the exchange of information between interpreters and counselors working in municipalities in the prefecture, and training workshops are held respectively for the enhancement of participants.

Consultation Desk for Foreigners Living Guide Q & A

Information Magazine for Foreigners “Mimitaro”


“Mimitaro” is a name given by its volunteer translators that combines the words, “Mimi” (ears), implying the desire to convey good information and “Taro”, a name familiar to Japanese readers.

Published in 8 languages
Japanese (with furigana), English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Korean and Tagalog.
4 issues per year

Back Issues

Educational Assistance to Children with Foreign Roots

For children and guardians who have roots in foreign countries, we strive to thoroughly provide information on academic courses by holding career guidance seminars in many languages and also support career selection for students to have a broad vision in their future after graduating from high school and university.

Multilingual Course Guidance (Multilingual Reference Materials, Links)(PDF)

A revised second edition of The Strategy Meeting for your dream(PDF)

Scholarships for Foreign Students (Biwako Scholarship for Foreign Students)


At SIA, we provide benefit-type scholarships for international students (ryugakusei) residing and studying in graduate schools, universities, junior colleges in Shiga, as well as foreign students residing in Shiga, who are studying in universities and junior colleges, within or outside the prefecture.
In either case, please contact the person in charge of the scholarship program in your school for applications.



Assisting Foreign Residents During Disasters .Expanding the Creation of Multicultural Communities through Disaster Prevention

Assisting Foreign Residents During Disasters .Expanding the Creation of Multicultural Communities through Disaster Prevention

We are engaged in giving insights and cooperation in disaster prevention activities, where the government, local residents and municipal international exchange associations work together by enabling foreigners to have a personal relationship and connection with the region and the community through participation in disaster prevention activities, and by having an agreement between the people in the region and the foreign residents, a new chance for awareness may be brought about to the region.