Since the COVID-19 situation in Shiga has calmed down, the level of caution has been decreased from stage 3 to stage 2, out of 4 stages.
Please take the following measures to prevent the spread of infection. Thank you for your cooperation.

1 Taking thorough infection prevention measures

  1. Ensure basic prevention measures
  2. (Wash hands, wear masks, avoid the 3 C’s)
  3. Coughing etiquette, frequent ventilation and humidification, disinfecting shared surfaces such as doorknobs should be carried out in the household as well.
  4. Be cautious of the “Five situations” that increase the risk of infection when coming in contact with members other than family (social gatherings in meal settings, common living space such as student dormitories, social areas used as rest space/rooms etc.)
  5. In particular, avoid sharing glasses and utensils, and wear a mask during conversations even in meal settings.
  6. Be even more cautious when travelling in regions where a high number of infections have been identified.
  7. Stay home to recover when you have symptoms such as a fever.
  8. Make use of COVID-19 infection prevention apps such as “Moshi-sapo Shiga” and Contact Confirming App, “COCOA”.

2 Five situations that increase the risk of infection

  1. Social gatherings accompanied with alcohol.
  2. Long meals in large groups.
  3. Conversations without masks.
  4. Sharing group living space in a small area.
  5. Switching locations such as from work area to rest area.

3 Travel

【For Shiga Residents】

  • -Avoid unessential travelling to prefectures that are still under a state of emergency or where the infection is spreading.
  • 【For Residents of Other Prefectures】

  • -Residents from prefectures that are still under a state of emergency should avoid unessential travel to Shiga.
  • 4 Eating in Groups

  • When eating in groups, take the necessary precautions to prevent infection.
  • Be especially careful during parties.
  • 5 GoTo Eat Campaign

  • Meal vouchers will be issued again starting March 1st.
  • ※The issue period is prolonged to March 31. Vouchers can be used until June 30.
  • Existing vouchers may now be used freely.