1 If you have symptoms such as fever

  • Please consult with your local health clinic by Phone etc. before visiting a clinic.
  • If you are not sure where to seek consultation, please contact the consultation center.

【Contact information for the consultation center】(available 24 hours)

Residents of Otsu City (Only in Japanese)

TEL 077-526-5411
FAX 077-525-6161
メール hoken@city.otsu.lg.jp

People living outside Otsu City (telephone interpretation service available)

TEL 077-528-3621
FAX 077-528-3638
メール coronasoudan@shigaken.net

2 In the case of symptomatic persons and close contacts who are not at risk of severe disease

3  In case of asymptomatic closed contacts who are unable to apply for distribution of the test kit

  • If symptoms appear, check the above “1. If you have symptoms such as fever” and visit a medical institution.

4 In case of no closed contact with an infected person and no symptoms

  1. Free PCR Test Program in Shiga prefecture     For more information
  2. Tests at your own expense
  3. ※ If a person who does not have symptoms wants to take a test, and if the test is performed at a medical institution other than the Shiga Prefecture Free PCR Test Program, the full amount will be charged at your own expense.
  4. Medical antigen test kits available at pharmacies

〇If you do not understand Japanese, please contact us.

Shiga Foreign Residents Information Center 
(Monday-Friday 10: 00 -17: 00 * closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
TEL: 077-523-5646
FAX: 077-510-0601
Email: mimitaro@s-i-a.or.jp
URL: https://www.s-i-a.or.jp/en/counsel