Information from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare / Prefectural Labour Bureau / Labour Standards Supervision Office/ Public Employment Security Office

Even when the new coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a decrease in business to the company, companies are not allowed be treat foreign workers less favorably than Japanese workers just because they are foreigners.
  1. Company must pay a leave allowance to foreign workers as well as Japanese workers when they are forced to take days off from work by the company.
  2. The subsidy the national government pays companies to protect worker employment can be used for Japanese as well as foreign workers.
  3. When you take days off from work because your children's schools are closed, you can use paid vacation days just like Japanese workers.
  4. Companies cannot freely fire you at will. When a company wants to fire a foreign worker, the same rules as Japanese workers must be followed.
If you need help, please consult your local labour bureau, labour standards supervision office or public employment security office (Hello Work).