International Information Salon


Shiga Intercultural Association for Globalization (SIA), a public interest incorporated association, has its office at “Piazza Omi”, a complex facility located along Nagisa Park in Otsu City. Adjacent to our office is an "International Information Salon", serving as a base for international information and exchange, equipped with a library, meeting and exhibition spaces. Please feel free to visit us.

Opening hours
Mon. to Fri. (Closed on public holidays & the new year)
From 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Usage fee
Free of charge
Availing the services
We lend books, spaces, etc., at the International Information Salon to individual members of the association (There are individual members among SIA’s group members), and also to group members (Schools are included in the lending of books.)
Application to avail the services(docxファイル)
We provide a wide range of information on international exchange, cooperation, multicultural coexistence, international education, Japanese language guidance, etc. Anyone can browse books and materials in the library.
Meeting space
A meeting space is made available to serve as a forum for the exchange and collaboration of all organizations who are working for the promotion of international exchange, cooperation, and multicultural coexistence in the prefecture.
Exhibition space
Exhibitions introducing the different cultures of the world and on various themes are held. In addition, we are providing a space for the exhibition of your work to promote your activities. You can also post notifications in relation to international exchange and cooperation on our message board. (Permission from the association is necessary. Please inquire for more details.)