Making use of the distribution of sanitary products to those having financial difficulties as an opportunity to reach for help, support will be provided to restore the connection between women and society. Necessary administrative support will be made by providing consultation support and information regarding social gatherings to those who are in a state of anxiety being isolated from society due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and who are not receiving the necessary guidance.

Service of sanitary products

Sanitary products will be provided for free to women having difficulty acquiring these products due to financial reasons.
If you feel uncomfortable asking for sanitary products, you may silently point to the signboard placed at the service counter.
Personal information etc. will not be asked when receiving sanitary products.
Sanitary products are placed in a bag so that contents inside cannot be seen, along with flyers and information to various consultation service counters.
Among the facilities, those with ※mark accept consultations by consultants. (Japanese only)
Please check the following site as information regarding available stock is updated periodically.
Shiga Prefecture HP (available stock)

List of facilities providing sanitary products

【Prefectural facilities】

  • Shiga Prefectural Office (Gender Equality Division/Josei katsuyaku suishin-ka)
  • Higashikan 2F, Kyoumachi 4-1-1, Otsu
  • Shiga Prefectural Gender Equality Center (Kenritsu Danjo Kyodo Sankaku Center)(※)
  • Takagai-cho 80-4, Omihachiman
  • Mother’s Job Station (Omihachiman)
  • Takagai-cho 80-4, Omihachiman
  • Boshi katei-tou Shuugyo Jiritsu Shien Center(※)
  • Takagai-cho 80-4, Omihachiman
  • Mother’s Job Station (Kusatsu eki-mae)
  • Elty 932 Garden City Kusatsu 3F, Oji 1-1-1, Kusatsu
  • Nanbu Kenko Fukushi Jimusho
  • Kusatsu 3-14-75, Kusatsu
  • Koka Konko Fukushi Jimusho
  • Minakuchi-cho Minakuchi 6200, Koka
  • Higashiomi Kenko Fukushi Jimusho
  • Yokaichi Midori-machi 8-22, Higashiomi
  • Koto Kenko Fukushi Jimusho
  • Wada-cho 41, Hikone
  • Kohoku Kenko Fukushi Jimusho
  • Hirakata-cho 1152-2, Nagahama
  • Takashima Kenko Fukushi Jimusho
  • Imazu-cho Imazu 448-45, Takashima
  • Chuo Kodomo Katei Soudan Center(※)
  • Kasayama 7-4-45, Kusatsu
  • Hikone Kodomo Katei Soudan Center(※)
  • Koizumi-cho 932-1, Hikone
  • Otsu・Takashima Kodomo Katei Soudan Center
  • Nionohama 4-4-5, Otsu
  • Seishin Hoken Fukushi Center(※)
  • Kasayama 8-4-25, Kusatsu
  • Biwako Kodomo-no-kuni
  • Adogawa-cho Kitafunaki 2981, Takashima
  • Prefectural Library
  • Seta-minami Oogaya-cho 1740-1, Otsu

【Other facilities】

  • Shiga-ken Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai
  • Kasayama 7-8-138, Kusatsu
  • Shiga-ken Chiiki Josei Dantai Rengokai
  • Takagai-cho 105-2, Omihachiman
  • Shiga-ken Hitori-oya Katei Sogo Support Center (Nozomi-kai)
  • Nionohama 4-3-26, Otsu

Distribution to students

Sanitary products are also offered at prefectural schools for students. Contact Shiga Prefectural Board of Education High School Education Division (Shiga-ken Kyoiku Iinnkai Koukou Kyouiku-ka) (TEL 077-528-4575) for details. (Japanese only)
Sanitary products are also scheduled to be offered at private schools.


Various SNS are available. Please follow as information regarding consultations, social gatherings, and availability of sanitary products will be updated! (Japanese only)
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